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Aerial and circus arts offer contexts with which to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Filled with both achievement based and creative activities that help boost self esteem by helping participants to gain performance skills, build a positive self image and develop a healthy attitude to exercise and risk taking.

By developing and enhancing skills such as motor co-ordination, eye-hand/foot co-ordination, muscular and joint strength and flexibility, balance, self esteem, self expression, attention, coping strategies, social and emotional intelligence; a strong foundation is formed that is transferable to many aspects of life,


Below is a list of interesting articles and studies about Occupational therapy and circus:


1 : Potential partners in enhancing the health and wellbeing of todays youth - Download pdf

Jill maglio and carol mckinstry Faculty of health sciences, school of occupational therapy, la trobe university, melbourne, victoria, australia



2 : Learning, arts, and the brain - Download pdf

The dana consortium report on arts and cognition, organized by michael gazzaniga, ph.D


3 : Why circus works

The carnival chronicles - why circus works (especially for children) - hand analogy by reg bolton


4 : Why circus works - Download pdf

Phd : Reginald Bolton


5 : The effective circus project


6 : Circus arts workshop helps cancer patients thrive


7 : Effect of juggling therapy on anxiety disorders in female patients download pdf


8 : Juggling 'can boost brain power


9 : Juggling kids beat dyslexia - BBC


10 : Juggling and whole brain


11 : Teachers link juggling to improved academic skills


12 : The benefits of learning to juggle for children Written by dave finnigan


13 : The life threatened child and the life enhancing clown: towards a model of therapeutic clowning


14 : Effect of Regular Circus Physical Exercises on Lymphocytes in Overweight Children




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