Airborn has developed a set of fun, alternative workshops in aerial and cirque arts – trapeze, acrobatics, stilt walking, juggling, wire walking and more. Airborn embraces a philosophy based on health promotion by developing life skills & promoting engagement in life-long exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


Our coaches are all DBS checked and trained to provide classes in their specialist field.


Airborn's founder, Bo Pithey, is a professional aerialist, having spent the past 20 years performing across the world, mastering an array of skills in the circus arts. She trained as an elite gymnast and dancer in her youth and coached for the South African artistic gymnastic olympic development squad. Her passion for performance saw her as a stunt woman in the movie industry, before falling madly in-love with the creativity and boundless possibilities of the circus and theatre arts. Bo has international experience directing and performing in shows and art pieces that combine multiple disciplines of circus and dance. Bo holds a Bsc in Occupational Therapy and recognises the power of circus and performing arts as a tool to promote health, fitness and well-being to a wide population. She has combined her skills and experience in both fields to design and coach the Airborn workshops for schools, children, adults and special needs.


Rob studied physical education before bounding off to join the circus in Germany. Over the past 25 years, he has performed in a prolific list of famous theatres across the world from Las Vegas to Japan. His experience spans many different performing styles from cascadeur in theatres to the dare devil 'wheel of death' in circuses and more recently physical theatre and comedy in cabarets, variete, TV shows and on cruise ships. Throughout this period, Rob has become a skilled rigger and creator of pretty much anything you can hang from, balance, bounce on or wear. He is the 'idea's man' of Airborn, designing and building our unique equipment, as well as bringing his experience, crazy humour and contagious energy as a coach to our workshops.


Julie's first memories were of being on the stage, dancing or training for gymnastics, running around, showing off and doing competitions, winning medals and doing pantomimes. Then it was high board diving and competing for her province in South Africa. It was at the age of 16 that she found her calling in circus acts. During the past 20 years, audiences from Germany to South Africa, Italy to Brazil have enjoyed Julie's performances flying through the air and flipping upside down. Time has marched on and Julie is now at the point in her life where she would like to go back to creating and teaching, using all the knowledge and experience accumulated over years of being a professional performing artist.




Self confidence to achieve

Developing high self efficacy is paramount to effective learning. We focus on building self efficacy and confidence by ensuring a succession of 'quick wins' in a graded, step by step approach to learning.


Repetition is a vital ingredient to mastering a skill, especially for the basic skills that form the foundation of the more difficult 'tricks'. But repetition can be boring. We focus on making it fun through age appropriate games and play opportunities.

Peer Education

Advise from a peer is a relevant, meaningful and honest source of information. We use peer education whenever possible.


Sport and physical disciplines are intrinsically learned through hands on experience. However, we recognise the need to incorporate a variety of learning styles into our classes through demonstration, explanation, trial and error learning and the children's evaluation of their own and others performance.


We aim to help children reach their full potential by supporting them to develop not only the physical aerial and circus skills but also the social and psychological skills to enhance their learning in all aspects of life.

We aim to foster team spirit and positive partner work in order to develop respect in others and enhance their ability to trust and be trustworthy.

We aim to encourage a healthy attitude to exercise and risk taking to develop responsible attitudes towards themselves and others.

We aim to teach aerial and acrobatic activities and motivate them to participate and engage fully in the activities by ensuring we provide a fun, positive and safe environment for every child.

We aim to ensure that every child matters by introducing a wide range of disciplines from which each child can enjoy and succeed in at least one and where each child can work at their own pace.

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